About Us

VetPark’s FAQ     

Who are we? 

VetPark was founded by Robert DabneyJr as a means of helping others discover the healing power of creativity.  He's joined by Juan A Canez (Army, Retired).  The two met at Basic Training  in Ft. Leanordwood, MO in 1998. They have built a solid relationship built on loyalty, trust, and selfless service. 

Together we are building community by supporting the arts and providing opportunities for Veterans to receive Alternative Therapies.      

What do we do? 

We provide quality art and entertainment, while providing opportunities for Veterans seeking alternative methods of healing.      

What do we want? 

We want to become the “go-to” organization for Veteran’s seeking alternative resources for Mental Health Treatment.  We believe that art is the perfect medium to foster healing, and provide appropriate means of communicating the pain, fear, regret, or grief that often plagues the Veteran Community.

Because of this...... 

We are also, working to become the premier Events company of the 21st Century. Providing, quality entertainment that showcases the best in human creativity.       

Where are we? 

VetPark began in Aurora, IL. and host events throughout the US.    

How do we achieve our Mission? 

We achieve our mission by giving the public what they want; quality and affordable entertainment. For every dollar that VetPark receives, $0.10 goes directly to a VetPark Scholarship or Grant. Scholarships are awarded to Vets (regardless of Discharge status) that are seeking approved Alternative Therapy for Mental Health.  Grants are awarded to VetPark’s partner organizations that offer alternative therapies for our Nation’s Heroes.     

When did we start? 

VetPark came into existence in 2018 and held our first public event:

April 22, 2020

“Helping Our Heroes Heal"

VetPark’s Benefit Mixer

National Veteran's Art Museum Chicago, IL (Postponed due to COVID-19)     

What is our aim? 

Our aim is to celebrate and support quality art while helping our heroes heal!



Helping Our Heroes Heal!